self-portrait with rabbit ears and seventeen - action, spectacle


space ratio - bedfellows

paper crowns - glass: a journal of poetry

post-election cactus greenhouse, solstice poem: somerville massachusetts, in which la llorona is not looking for her children after all - idk magazine

i should have always been a knife - the shallow ends

witch shit, unabomb my heart // unabomb my life // unabomb my choices, light pollution - reality beach


the bees, the clouds, the trees - no assholes

sacrament, pastel ritual murder - bramble & thorn anthology

a barbie dream house but all the dolls are kitchen knives - underblong

tyra banks and the joshua trees - boston poetry slam 25 year anthology

itchy ears itchy heart - i can count to 10


the older i get the more i seem to dress like a teen dirtbag who hangs out in cemeteries, it is exhausting trying to be a modern woman - spy kids review

the sharks - big lucks

i am done being a ‘chill girl’ and think i will become a spectral misandrist banshee instead - boston feminists for liberation

i don’t know why i’m crying, investigate discover, what we talk about when we talk about the lovers’ lane murders, eschatology - grimoire

little knives - third point press

misandeer, sacrament, new religious movement, deer poem ending on a line from lord of the rings, habit(at)s, surroyals - wyvern lit

rita moreno at the 1961 academy awards - gabby

what the deer carry - drunk in a midnight choir

deer world(s), the new fashion, grief deer, living well // the deer get revenge - smoking glue gun

how to break up the band - tinderbox


end times fatigue - sweet (and interview)

the what’s happening to my body book for deer, the deer become stoners, the deer become pre-teens, mall deer, up the elx - drunk in a midnight choir

slippage, the language of only children - fruita pulp

witch mob orison, girl scout manual pg. 225, ownership - moonsick magazine

america as a room - alyss

fall, translation, the forgotten words the mumbled prayer - best indie lit new england

futility lesson - the tattooed poets project

sideshow, epilogue - drunk in a midnight choir

usher’s information and secrets, rime haiku - map points

the only living girl in america, impossible futures, time machine, rabid raccoon prescott quad november ‘07, assembly line for grief - drunk in a midnight choir

tyra banks in the arctic circle - glittermob

adrift, america//the opposite of america//where i live - similar peaks

poison house, half-price wednesday, a deer with the head of emily dickinson - flapperhouse


i wish an infinite number of people had disappeared, the gazelle boys are all a hoax - souvenir

personality traits, bad future, superimposed flames, unlovable hands, deluge & bloom - so chill anxiety

when i say childhood i mean, safety as a room i’ve never been inside - potluck

unplanning utopia, visualizing success - the misanthropy

the jellyfish, the snails, the scorpions, the bats, the possums - hobart

in new england - stirring

a cargo cult of the heart - mount island

the coyotes - the nervous breakdown

the future is a house i will haunt and i will do it well, disaster movies, in which we invent an island for the miserable, preen - epigraph

sleep well, 16000 feet, apple picking, kodachrome - the legendary

home alone forever, the only trick i know, hope is an arcade game & i am out of quarters, bury me in a can of mtn dew kickstart, what i know about the afterlife, i wanna put on my jellies & go down to the mall & impress you, haunted summer - electric cereal

a personal dictionary, visiting - the knicknackery

leak, december 1938 - rust + moth

the trial will resume tomorrow at 10 am - vending machine press

the moon, an incomplete inventory of the magpie queen’s lair, the beavers, the armadillos - fur-lined ghettos

by way of explanation - voicemail poems

translation, the forgotten words the mumbled prayer - maps for teeth

ugh @ everything gorgeous i’m not allowed to touch, sea change - the bohemyth

fever dreams, rooftops, after a line by john berryman - illumen


misconception, some anxiety metaphors - wicked banshee

titanic as kalopsia - freezeray

the whales - drunken boat


for robert wadlow, the lion-faced girl says it again, the leopard-skin boy explains his condition, the human ostrich writes his own obituary, crowning glories - nailed magazine

the argumentative zebra society - reality hands (and audio)

the houses of girl-ghosts - strange horizons

the beast deer - bodega

happiness is like mount everest, the golden hour as las gotas de felicidad - shabby doll house

manifest - carnival

dig - inkscrawl

the spirit of our war - side b


city that care forgot, going home for christmas, traje de novia, leaving new hampshire - frigg

i’m the candy, we found lucy - illuminati girl gang

tchaikovsky 1944 - printer’s devil review

broken sestina for mary bell - the 5-2

persephone in amherst - ilk (and erasure of lily duffy’s poem)

at the science fair of your heart, legends, sever - neon (and interview)